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every straight couple's joint tinder account looks like this

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modern american culture is a venn diagram where one circle is wanting a constant stream of ambient entertainment and the other circle is wanting to return to "a simpler time" and in the center overlap is the fireplace video

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quitting my job to move to Sugma and join the the Siddonese People's Liberation Army

in the series finale of breaking bad, walt finally tries his meth and realizes that it tastes bad and everyone was only pretending to like it to make him feel better

Whenever I’m feeling kind of bleh, I look up the “American baseball player” names from a 90s Japanese video game and immediately start ugly-laughing. It never fails to make me feel better

i would like to officially extend a fuck you to elliot for planting

"run away and build a commune into a hillside"

into my head to resurface somewhat obsessively once every few weeks

this isnt based on anything im just listening to What We Loved Was Not Enough and thinking about the future. by and large im at peace with it.

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the mutagenic effects of tragedy, forcing you to re-arrange. making a self out of whatever's left. what is the greatest amount that can be removed from me. what is the most i can die while still being alive.

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fascinated by the totality of despair and the inevitability of reincarnation. it is good to be brought low by the world, and to be truly wise you must first be humbled by death.

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stare down the barrel of knowing that your cities will burn, your friends will be killed, your texts will rot, your children will die. let yourself be destroyed by it, and then take what of your corpse that survives and come back to life.

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exalting joy is part of being human but so is being completely and utterly destroyed. the totality of it is just as valuable.

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opening yourself to take the whole brunt of apocalyptic despair is a good and valuable human experience actually

if tom nook is a capitalist he's a shitty one. he offers us a window into what a post capitalist banking system could be like (no payment due date, pay as you can, no interest) but yall ain't ready for that conversation 💅

what's the next arc on Mastodon gonna be? placing bets on either more racism or Everybody Gets an OnlyFans

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finding the natal chart for vostok 1 and going absolutely ape shit even through i dont understand it at all

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