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And now my son's become a man,
I'm riding with the marching band,
The broken beaten and the damned,
Stars beginning to fade,
And I lead the black parade

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going back in time to kick the ass of the guy who invented Great Man Theory, only to discover once i get there that Great Man Theory is more of a loose conglomeration of ideas shared by several dozen prominent thinkers at the time instead of the sole intellectual creation of just one guy. I fall to my knees and howl in rage and defeat.

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I spilled baked beans all over myself watching shadows on the walls of a cave and an enlightened man shouted 'this prisoner thinks hes eatin beans' and everyone laughed

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issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the radical right-wing art movement Italian Futurism. you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to them"

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cant belive the queens last words before dying were "prince andrew absolutely 100% did all those sex crimes, this counts as legal testimony because i'm queen"

“whoa the queen died?” is masto’s immune system trying to prevent this network from becoming a news source

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Surprisingly not shocked to learn that the guy who made this movie was dating a 14 year old (he is almost 30 now)

not me and my partner for 15 minutes trying to figure out why people think Ted Bundy is attractive

'oh he's kind of like a doctor but a soap opera doctor'
'how did he part his hair and become a new person'

you ever get the sense that a lot of youtubers have literally everything of any visual interest in their house contained in the six square feet of wall behind them

calling in sick to work because I've been executed by the north korean firing squad

remember kids, if an author of a work of fiction puts anything in, it's because he thinks it's good, and if they leave anything out but mention it as an aside on twitter at 3am in the middle of a thread about beans on toast, it's canon

libs gonna keep chanting "capitalism isnt perfect but it's the best system we've got!" while market failures torch every industry

being a western intelligence officer must be the easiest job, like you can literally make up anything about china or wherever and everyone will eat that shit up

intelligence officer: in north korea you if you say goodbye instead of keep it sleazy you'll be executed by firing squad
their boss at mi5: damn dog, that's messed up

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i do enjoy how the brains of a certain type of people are just hitting a brick wall with dune; less, i think, because it's uniquely complex as a work, and more because they're habituated to reading all fiction like it was harry potter

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a frustrating thing about the modern era is that there's almost constant terrorism and violence taking place but none of it seems to ever be directed at the rich

Ok I'm not done talking about municipal snow removal

We had a big snowfall the other day, and people on a bunch of the local social media were either like "what gives, no one has plowed my neighborhood at all, no one can get anywhere" or "yeah the trucks here have plowed several times and now they're trying to plow already-clear streets over and over again"

Can you guess which comments come from the historically poor, working-class, and/or black neighborhoods, and which come from "the burbs"

does anybody know how to download all the tweets from an account that isn't yours. like, someone else's account. i want to make an archive of ctrlcreep's tweets, as i think they are all very good and it seems that no one else has done so

Finding Your Roots is like... deliberate anti-racist agitprop

fucking love PBS

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