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I spilled baked beans all over myself watching shadows on the walls of a cave and an enlightened man shouted 'this prisoner thinks hes eatin beans' and everyone laughed

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issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the radical right-wing art movement Italian Futurism. you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to them"

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modern american culture is a venn diagram where one circle is wanting a constant stream of ambient entertainment and the other circle is wanting to return to "a simpler time" and in the center overlap is the fireplace video

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Straight men are like "i have to get back to the ole ball and chain" when they are leaving a boys night to return to the only person theyve ever felt comfortable crying in front of



looking forward into aging into the kind of person who buys those dusty packets of nuts as a snack from the bodega

There is NOTHING funny about having emergency diarrhea. It is a real problem that affects MILLIONS every day

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the secret of the tag is there are no rules and u can put whatever the fuck youre vibing w lately in it

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i gotta say, being a teen in the 2000s wasn't /great/, but thank god i am not a teen today

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Alright well the reasons keeps mounting for me to teach. Never thought:

1. Educate kids on Nazi symbols so they don't accidentally get them tattooed on themselves

would be a reason for teaching but here we are

Toxic masculinity is cranking out a brutalist 48mm watch that weighs as much as a doorstop and then insisting this is only for men. Yuri Gagarin pierced the heavens and became the first man in space with a 33mm watch.

Seeing Joe Biden in animal crossing shilling his campaign reminds me of four years ago when Hillary spent her entire campaign making memes and ignoring cries for immigration amnesty, student loan forgiveness, climate change and wealth redistribution.

Enjoy losing 2020 Joe.

@Dayglochainsaw bruh I look like a duck dynasty extra and it has been zero days since a white nationalist has mistakenly confided overt bigotry, racism or nationalism to me.

The Discovery Channel Narrator: Bamboo contains so little nutrition, that Pandas must eat up to eighty pounds of it a day
Me, cracking open my third box of wheat thins: haha why would they eat bamboo then. that's stupid.

ok to be honest i really cant blame those tiktok teens who accidentally got a nazi tattoo, because one time i saw a guy who i thought might be a nazi because he had a shaved head and was wearing a jacket with some sort of runic-looking symbol on it, and i looked it up later and it was the dead kennedys logo

idk how plugged into tiktok y’all are but last night several tiktok teens started the #genztattoo trend and, no joke, tattooed a nazi symbol, the wolfsangel, on themselves.

man i did some cringey shit on tumblr back in the day but at least i didn’t give myself a hate speech tattoo on accident.

Welcome to Fort Erudite, bastion of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known.

In today's round-table discussion "hotbabes"

US Pol 

I tend to use news and current events content as background noise sometimes, but good lord I am really not interested in how 24 hours of every day are going to be filled with SCOTUS prognostication bullshit for at least the next week.

a byproduct of the political weirdness over the past few years is that there has been diminishing salience to commentary caste musings that rely on precedent (doesn't matter now) and their insight (don't got none). and now that shit has REALLY hit the wall.

"when is mastodon gonna do their own parody of wet ass pussy? I want all the whitest people we have to work on that one"

honestly get a kick out of "leftist meme with rightwing boomer delivery"

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