i unironically really like these because they have the aesthetics of data but none of the content. theyre like information splenda. theres the general impression of having a lot of very important meaning, but no actual meaning. these images are like the Codex Seraphinianus of the online era.

theyre also weirdly sincere? like theyre so Much that its almost impossible to do it ironically without it being totally obvious, someone somewhere felt that they had incredibly important information to share and really thought this was the best and most cohesive way to do it

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what would you even call this type of thing. post-infographics? neodada?

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@Dayglochainsaw Some years ago I saw a van on the highway with something like this painted all over it. It was apparently about how Paul McCartney was murdered by the Beatles and a CIA agent was brought in to replace him, but all of the Beatles are actually double agents or something. It was wild.

@Dayglochainsaw these are SO GOOD, I've always been obsessed with the ancient-aesthetic equivalent, like inauthentic, meaningless hieroglyphs and carved idols

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