i wish people would not use the comment space underneath ambient music tracks to try and prove that they have an MFA in creative writing

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like you can just say the song is good you dont have to describe it as the digital cigarette smoke from a hologram lover or whatever

@thomas then you can use your better judgement and think it to yourself instead of saying it on the internet

@Dayglochainsaw I also think it’s cool to say “This movie whips” about a movie and not try to be Roger fucking Ebert

@thomas @Dayglochainsaw excuse me, Roger Ebert would absolutely support you saying "this movie whips"

@thomas its always good to just say "this whips", everyone knows what it means, its easy to enthusiastically agree, and most importantly it doesnt make you seem like a Huge Tool

@Dayglochainsaw most of my reviews on Letterboxd are like that. Short and to the point unless I have something to say that I think is valuable

@thomas this is how i would review movies if i was the type of guy to review movies. "The Lighthouse: 5 stars. this movie whips. good for fans of seeing willem dafoe getting scared of a bird and then jerking off in a shed"

@Dayglochainsaw also Pattinson jerks off in a shed, Dafoe jerks off in front of the light. Important distinction

@Dayglochainsaw it's because they don't have the technical knowledge to say "this is a preset on an obscure reverb rack mount"

@Laser even if they said that instead i still would not like them

@Dayglochainsaw at least it's honest. I always think of the old phrase "writing about music is like dancing about architecture"

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