ah yes, i would absolutely love to waste my time writing a letter adulating the generosity of a bunch of old dead rich fucks, thanking them for giving me literally no money

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here the big reason i know this is just some fake bullshit to keep donors happy: im literally like, a B-minus student

i have half a mind to actually write a letter thanking them for the privilege of allowing a lowly Poor such as me to personally suck off their ego, but odds are they have someone to screen those so it seems not worth the effort

anyway, fuck this school, i quite literally cannot wait until this summer when i can go back to learning welding at community college

@Dayglochainsaw you got an academic scholarship so they took away an equal scholarship you already had? that's absurd

@alex it is Literally just some bullshit to make donors happy by making sure that every once in a while, they get a letter from one of the simpering poors, thanking them for being rich

@Dayglochainsaw any student who writes a thank you note for this should immediately be expelled

@alex the thing that sucks is i know some people are gonna bc they dont know any better

@Dayglochainsaw absolute bullshit the way schools reduce financial aid based on scholarship like i dont understand how it isnt legally theft.

@radicalrobit @Dayglochainsaw we like you so we're taking away your current financial aid and replacing it with Financial Aid +! The main difference is it is a vanity donation from someone who momentarily felt bad about their exploitation of workers and you have to write a letter to them

@Dayglochainsaw I'd write a thank you note to Estate Tax since it is the likely reason this exists at all

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