doing a lot of very complicated mathematics on a chalkboard trying to invent a way to refer to women in casual conversation which has even more fucked vibes than calling them "females"

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dont incels say "femoids" sometimes. imagine a guy who says that, out loud, like its a normal thing.

@Dayglochainsaw on dregday I learned that some of them have shortened it to "foids" which is even more repellent

@Dayglochainsaw I once had a dude tell me that I was just a "walking uterus" and tbh that takes the cake for me

(he said that in conjunction with asking me why I was doing a PhD in STEM when I was "just a walking uterus" and would be "useless" as soon as I had kids. surprisingly this is not the worst thing ever said to me.)

@hafnia not to be a self-flagellating "men are the worst" guy but jesus C H R I S T

@Dayglochainsaw if it makes you feel better he dropped out of grad school because he failed half of his classes.

@hafnia @Dayglochainsaw I would say "please tell me you killed him for this" but I would never ask someone to incriminate themselves, especially for such a necessary crime

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