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The Phillies are the perfect team if you love dissapointment

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:bing: midsommar scene with all the girls screaming in unison ringtone

It's insane that Phillip Seymour Hoffman or John C Reilly weren't nominated for anything

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I think Boogie Nights might be the best cast movie of all time

I never feel more like an alien then when I'm around other small town middle school parents. I'm like 6 inches taller than any of them and they don't know a single one of my cousins

Just saw my first Wawa that was out of gas. At least coke was cheap in the 70s

The most "I am a Midwestern woman in my 30s who has a white collar job" thing about me is that I fucking love a short sleeve sweater, bring me all your short sleeve sweaters (ootd selfies, ec)

elon musk, drugs 

so funny when news outlets try to explain his 'erratic behaviour' or 'unconventional negotiating style' as 4d chess shit and avoiding the very obvious truth: he does shitloads of drugs. he makes decisions and tweets things while fucked up on drugs constantly. i understand legally they can't say that, but still. it's drugs!

Rescuing a lobster from the grocery store, tending to it as it returns to full health, and then teaching it to code.

sometimes I remember that the main dude from Arcade Fire is like 6-4, loves basketball, and fucking breaks ankles in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game


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