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Listen, right out of high school I had a car that had a cassette player and I may have had recorded copies of Dashboard Confessional, Fall Put Boy, the Postal Service, and Deathcab for Cutie to listen to when I drove around.

It was the mid 2000s. I thought I was cool.

"it's too expensive to have kids" is a gigantic red flag of a fucked up system that a lot of people have accepted.

I spent a significant chunk of time this morning looking at taxidermied possums and raccoons on Etsy, it was a good use of time

Straight girls only 

Hello, I'm married but you're still valid

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I'm gonna start shit posting about being straight

chekovs gun? sounds dumb. that guy was around fucking years ago. that gun is going to be rusty as shit.

The best part of not going home with any of the chicks tonight is that they weren’t subjected to any talk about Burt and his bees.

Radtown is like that Sex Pistols show in manchester where everyone that attended started a band

one of the greatest twitter screen names is still '20th Dryjacker'

literally every single time i see an instance block recc i think itll be us

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