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The Phillies are the perfect team if you love dissapointment

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My oldest just now: "look at me I'm a millennial, I'm gonna take a buzzfeed quiz about what Harry Potter house I am"

Took a solo trip to the city this weekend. Caught a Phillies game, went to the museum of the American revolution, caught a day buzz and took a nap on a parkbench, and then I saw "Nope".

worriers - the possibility

i always think of worriers as a band i learned about from mastodon even though i don't think i actually did. my favourite new (to me) band of the last couple of years, all their songs are 3 minutes long and catchy and good and full of riffs and hooks and that's all i want

Low-key dead ass? When you put pizza on a bagel that shitll be bussin anytime asf

the best video games are the ones where you collect little things to afford a better little thing collector

Every xennial knew like six girls named Misty that completely disappeared when Facebook came to popularity.

I love that Batgirl is basically "springtime for Hitler" but for superhero and streaming movies. It's the beginning of the end, baby.

You ever over hear some harmless date small talk and realize you would be so annoying in that conversation?

i think nancy pelosi should be able to go wherever she pleases. quite revealing how a lot of so-called 'leftists' feel comfortable telling women in leadership roles where they do and don't belong

Raymond Carver - "My Death"

cw -too long for an image description

This is also relevant in this situation. The desire to "abandon" the south is inherently racist

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White Reaper - Judy French

This is like if someone had to reverse engineer punk rock, but they'd only ever heard thin Lizzy, cheap trick, and the cars

Type of guy that's from NYC but is really into Jimmy Buffett and being on "island time"

Dune and neon Genesis are the ultimate media if you love shots of landing gear and various actuators

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r crumb is like the ford model T to the modern "step on me" twitter guy's toyota prius

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its a little silly - people drink alcohol which has known adverse health affects, why is cheese any different

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