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@Laser probably fashioning a noose for mike pence in bryce harper's garage

today i am learning about the waterphone, an instrument which as far as i can tell, the only conceivable function of which is to make horror movie soundtracks

Hello, I wrote about a movie called THE SINNERS that has Satanism, Catholic schools, roses, and boning in the Lord's library, please read it thanks!!!

I did it, and the keyboardist gave me the "I see you" hand signal

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I'm gonna yell "let's go jayhawks" at the get-up kids tonight

I have shocked myself with 120V twice in three days and it has fucked with my brain immensely today. Also I'm 39 now.

I am not the only girl at the Drug Church show and I'm not the only person here by themselves but I think I'm the only girl here by herself, and the jury's out as to whether I'm the only person frantically doing Duolingo to save my league status

Today I bought the most suburban truck on the market. It's so ugly and I love it. More like Hyungay Soynta Cruz amirite?

I'm really glad I taught my spellcheck the word "murderboard" a couple years ago, it's an essential part of my writing

This is a chestnut sided warbler and I have been showing it to absolutely everyone

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apparently we are all having different experiences while listening to Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

Watching the Elvis movie again. Its working its way into my top three of all time.

Women would literally go to therapy instead of practicing their casting technique in the back yard for 6 hours

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