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I need to be supervised while I eat dinner, otherwise anything could happen :shankly:

I don't know why everyone wasnt robbing banks or serial bombing before like, fax machines existed. You could just go two towns over and be like "my name is Buck Johnston I'd like to buy a house please" and there was no way to prove you wrong

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i cant believe eugen literally murdered my whole family thats crazy

Bitch, you mainlined freeon for a decade. Quit being a pussy so my mom ain't die

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Logging on to Facebook and immediately seeing junkies I grew up with say shit like "we just don't know what's in the vax"

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Hello to you all.
The person who is helping me to collect through his PayPal is here you can DM him to send you his PayPal. Anything you can donate is helpful the family needs your help in this we can do it alone. May God bless you all. Thanks.

Saying "land back" every time I open the mobile website

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The new masto app is doing a *spins wheel* settler colonialism

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@Laser I feel like some people not only do this but define "things I want" as "stay home and be afraid"

It's simple, I'm only gonna pay attention to the CDC stuff that lets me do the things I want.

Every dumbass article remotely related to politics now starts like "A mere 26 months before domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th, the YouTube channel The Left is Right uploaded a segment..."


Skateboarding videosade in Europe just don't sit right with me.

Thomas Jefferson edit of Star Wars where all the stuff about the force is removed

I should join Black Hammer, they seem chill

I think phones should be able to take pictures of the moon by now

The epic store called and they said they're all out of me

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