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I am once again getting ahead of it and saying that skullsite does not endorse phrenology.

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I could easily defeat a haunted doll in combat

I literally don't know what is real anymore. This is probably fine

Les Savy Fav - The Sweat Decends

This is shouty post punk dance music from the 00s that I used to think was the future of music

Ironically music is the thing that destroyed my hearing and it's only getting worse. We must imagine sisyphus as happy.

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But laser don't you have a wife and kids? Yes. Music is what keeps me around for them.

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Like every six months I remember that music is the best part about being alive and I'm surprised every time

I can’t remember anyone’s @‘s so hit follow if you want

anyone else having trouble logging into their Parler account?

sea shanties becoming heavily popular 10 months into a pandemic where we are all stuck inside and worried as fuck and things are dangerous and we all wanna engage in cathartic group activities meant to pass the time til u get to ur land loves once more is very much exactly on brand for sea shantiea

As a "weird" person, it's really easy to tell the difference between people making friends with me because we have mutual interests and people making friends with me because they think I'm going to do a mass shooting

when i saw this i immediately felt these in my hands and on my shoulders and my head. original stress relief animals

"we live in a society.... of the spectacle" - guy debord

Who on earth decided DMs should appear in your home timeline now

In this HOUSE
Race Science is REAL
voting WORKS
are BETTER than stupid people!!
VOTE blue NO MATTER who!!!!
The Troops FIGHT for our FREEDOMS

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