I have a 4 foot Elmo doll and it has no means of holding itself up. So no matter how you place him, it becomes a whole-ass mood.

@Laser Does it end up in these positions on its own? I feel like it does but the haunted nature of that doesn't even bug me.

@breakfastgolem I mean, I didn't pose these exactly, just pick him up and set him back down

@dirt I don't think I've gotten 100 favs yet. But I think I've got 50 before.

@Laser hey concerned friend the implication here is that this is ur personal elmo, not ur kids’?

@Laser in celebration of this going platinum can we now talk about how this elmo is 4 ft tall. what the fuck

@Laser time to celebrate by hitting some dingers with your new bat

@Laser ok, it'll still be there I'm sure, it's fate

@Laser I posted a picture of Evelyn that got like 113 faves

@Pixley good job on the
🌟☠️Certified Banger☠️🌟

@Laser i reiterate my what the fuck lmaooo i love this freak

@Laser the cursed energy you are giving off behind this elmo is honestly impressive

@swirlz @Laser This is the Tickle Me Elmo/Scream movie franchise mashup I've been waiting almost 25 years for

@erinbee @swirlz @Laser ngl if a guy's dating profile picture was him holding a large Elmo like a fish... maybe

@pagrus @erinbee @swirlz @Laser I was imagining it more triumphant than sorrowful, but it could go either way

@Louisa @erinbee @swirlz @Laser I think that is the pose I always imagine myself striking when people ask me to pose with a fish, which isn't that often but still

@_ I think this is more of a rorschach situation

@Pixley @Laser jesus christ its like hes a hunter and hes showin off the prize kill

@Pixley I feel like a lot of people are projecting onto this

@Laser why are you doing this to that fuzzy red child

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