How many Funko pops do you think I actually own?

ยท 5 ยท 9 ยท 5

@Laser are you really going to not answer this until the poll closes

@Laser smdh only 34% sensed a funkopopless person

@mood I've posted a lot about them. Including "photos of my collection" also I think maybe some people are telling on themselves

@Laser @mood

I have three, all of them received as a gift from a child before I could direct their gift-giving instincts elsewhere.
But I fear I'm stuck with them, forever.

@Quixote171 @Laser @mood you're stuck with the funkos forever too. even if you throw them out they'll never go away. never leave. always watching. with those dead black eyes.

@radicalrobit @Quixote171 @Laser @mood about 5 years ago I bought two of those blank create-your-own Funkos and made them into D&D characters as DM gifts, and now they haunt me like telltale hearts

@Quixote171 @Laser most people donโ€™t realize that funkopops are a multi generational commitment (the same bloodline must carry them until they biodegrade)

@mood @Laser

Oh! I can just give them back to her!
These are your problem now, kid! Let them haunt *your* dreams for a while!

@torie I have bought two as gifts for other people. If that makes you feel better

@torie telling on yourself for thinking I'm some big bang theory ass nerd

i voted 1-2 though because i thought maybe you had one as an ironic thing

@larrydavis @Laser I voted 1-2 because I thought maybe his kids had asked for one of them or something

@radicalrobit @Laser
also possible. i have bought one, for my dad, of Cousin It from the Addams Family, because it just looks like a regular-ass Cousin It.

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