all these outfits are lame. if you're going to be a fancy dress metal band do it properly and go full gwar imo.

@Laser the second guy in the last photo is too pretty for this, and he knows it

@Louisa haha ok guys but what if like *I* showed my face tho, that could be pretty twisted too if you think about it

@Laser we're not wearing shirts, right? Nah I don't want blood or makeup or anything on my pecs

@neoncoughh I fell down quite the nu-metal rabbit hole though I was never a fan.

@Laser @neoncoughh the only "new metal rabbit" i wanna know about is part of the renovations at the greyhound track

@Laser I went to high school with a boy named Joe who was REALLY INTO Mushroomhead.......he had one of the masks even

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