But what about a magazine for men's gut health?!

@Laser edging by simply being a survivor is a weird thing to do but ok

@Laser because it’s not macho to say “i have a tummy ache :(“ now i gotta subscribe to a magazine called Men’s Guts or some such shit

@Laser @JohnBrownJr 10 ways to rearrange your guts
'men's guts' goes spelunking for the back walls

@JohnBrownJr @Laser Unironically, Men's Health probably has articles about gut health but won't put it on the cover for that exact reason. Cover story: "7 ways to get super jacked and have better sex." Inside: "How to add more fibre to your diet so you don't have a tummy ache when you're trying to get super jacked so you can have better sex."

@Laser introducing Guyt Health, gut health for men

bad meme joke 

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