When they did the Stanford prison experiment, did they factor in that people that go to Stanford are probably just assholes?

@Laser they didn't factor in selection bias of the type of people who would want to participate in such an experiment

@fox @Laser okay like, i know there's various unscientific things they did during the experiment but this one has always confused me?? like people also choose to be prison guards because they are the sort of people who like that

@myconidiosyncrasy @Laser which I guess proves something but not what they claim it does

@Laser apparently Stanford was very different before silicon valley?

They always did a lot of experiments on people though. There were people who got a large percentage of their income from participating.

Source: _The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test_

@Laser The Lord of the Flies situation: It's not "human nature," white Anglos just suck

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