Comedy under quarantine is awful, it's all inside jokes.

@Laser yea i mean people who post things like this probably shouldn't be allowed on the road

@Laser Good choice, this is the kind of post that shouldn't wait.

@dirt people follow me for wholesome humor, and also semi-ironically posting about Qanon

@Laser a true skullsite king does not text and drive

@Laser i wish there was something bigger i could do than boost this. i want to call up everyone on mastodon in a split-screen phone montage and tell them about it

@Laser this is the filthiest thing i've seen from you in a while. good work king

@Laser fucking kicking myself that i didn’t think of this first

But the great thing about plague humor 

@Laser @mwlucas

is that just about everybody gets it.

@Laser :blobaww:

Remember to use your inside voice to deliver your punchlines.

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