The book Nixonland I've been listening to describes things in terms of people's analysis and it's such a better metric for groupthink that "opinion"

Like for example, anti-maskers or blue lives matter people don't have bad opinions, or are misinformed, they have a bad analysis based off the information they have available to them

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@triz oh good! It doesn't absolve people of being wrong but it puts it in a more sympathetic position. And when it comes down to it, all working people are comrades in waiting and deserve understanding.

@Laser that was a good book and I'm glad I read it. I do not remember this part of it

@interneteh he doesn't make it a "thing" really. It's just something I noticed when he was describing various organizations.

@Laser that giant ass book is sitting on my shelf leering at me...thank you for this is time

@ant it's soooo good. And with all the comparisons this year has been given to 1968 it's a timely read imo

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