Yelp is an extortion racket. They remove bad reviews for a price which means poor owned businesses get lower star ratings. They hold your reputation and livlihood for ransom. And now they get to decide if youre racist or not.

Can you imagine how easily this will be manipulated top down? And I'm sure there are gonna be lots of epic rose emoji "we have to close down the barbershop if they're a nazi" support

@Laser Yelp and BBB are just rackets and scams. I mean Stormfront got a A from the BBB and I bet you could get the same from Yelp too

@Laser i remember reading some really fucked up shit from a few years ago about their blatant tactics of extortion and forcing businesses to buy premium memberships and stuff to avoid bad reviews. this aint good

@swirlz you're not racist for our $200 a month ally level membership

@Laser not to mention the bizzarro backlash: having the racist tag on your yelp will immediately become a badge of honor for edgelords and right wingers. they will literally tell people to mark them racist as a stunt

@Laser guess it turns out white techbros... shouldnt? be the ones to make a 21st century green book??

@triz I didn't even think of that awful outcome. Some proudboy CrossFit gym that loves triggering the libs.

@triz @Laser aw fuck, you're absolutely right, it will totally do that. same for that fucker who wouldn't bake that wedding cake.

@Laser *marking the local chinese restaurant as racist because they were rude to me*

@Laser okay yes you are right but ALSO I am glad the Nazi barbershop in my town got harassed out of business

@Pixley I think that is good, that's why I think this could be misconstrued as the same thing

@Laser putting my local coffee shop out of business because someone who works there posted 'free palestine' on twitter

@lennie @Laser branding the leftist bookstore as racist because they have more books on communists than i am comfortable with and my friends at agree

I hope they will follow through effectively though given their history I dunno...
I am in a mixed race relationship. We were once waiting in a short line to order in a cafe that had a large (6×4) electric board displaying Yelp reviews. Just as we got abreast of the sign a review scrolled along that read simply, "To many blacks"
We left and never went back.
Let's see if Yelp can finally take responsibility.

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