I could easily defeat a haunted doll in combat

@Laser you could just lock them in a room. They're too short to even reach the door knob.

@Laser child locks and child gates. Absolutely unbeatable to a doll.

@Laser aw shit

*Stashes DIY marionette kit and sweeps up summoning circle*

@Laser if chucky the doll from the movies was real,
you wouldn't beat him, instead you'd taste his steel

@coolwoman I would simply punt him into a wall and break him. Easy peasy he's like two foot tall

@Laser sorry i can't read this, could you please rewrite it as prose

@Laser I would simply break him with a punt into a wall
Easy peasy he's like two foot tall

@Laser they are tiny and pathetic, and i would simply throw them over the horizon

@Laser I am going to show all these posts to the haunted dolls in your attic, we'll see what they say about it

@Pixley @Laser the post only specifies a single haunted doll. This may prove dangerous.

@Pixley I keep haunted dolls as a bit because I do not fear them

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