They make coyote protection suits for small dogs that makes them all look punk as fuck

@Laser the small white one is too old to dress like that anymore but damned if anyone is gonna tell him that

@Laser I suggest that the dogs simply be bigger and less delicious

@Laser safe from coyotes and from pigeons sitting on the dogs! Double protection

@Laser I think the dog on the bottom left bounced me out of a club in the early 2000s.

@Laser I was just saying how delicious dogs might be. Hypothetically!

@Laser Oh and now I remember it wasn't a dance club it was a pet shop.

@bubblebobbletrueend coyotevest dot com as featured on shark tank. Google is your friend

@Laser I WAS HOPING FOR A CONSPIRACY but i'll keep that in mind if i ever get a tiny dog

@Laser What are the straws on the back for? Do they somehow distract or scare coyotes?

@stolas @Laser

Bird spikes also prevent pigeons from landing on the small dogs.

@stolas @Laser

It was on some of my windowsills, but I'm guessing probably a lot less so for hyperactive small dogs.

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