I think I might buy a EMF detector for ghost purposes

@Laser I gotta get into the ghost detector sales game, it's such a good grift

@Laser Everyone needs a HF EMF meter. There is dangerous levels of radiation everywhere in the cities and where we live and work.

@Pixley @Laser I don't understand what you mean. You buy a meter, measure and look up the damage you can expect to your body. Then you take protection measures if you don't want this damage.

@erlhel @Pixley yeah, I want to protect myself from the ghosts. That's why I'm getting the meter

@Laser @erlhel I think that's a really good decision, ghosts are everywhere and they cause a lot of damage

@Pixley @Laser @erlhel I want to encourage you to get the EMF thing and give us the results

@alex @Pixley @Laser @erlhel every podcast has a Travis and if you don't know who it is, it's you

@Thomas @Pixley the problem is emf detectors are fake, but I don't know what a real ghost detector is

@Laser @Pixley I don't believe in ghosts but I believe in ghost hunters

@Laser @Pixley I'll say, if I ever see a ghost I will swing wildly in the other direction. Like I'll constantly be telling people how ghosts are real

@Laser @Pixley I think you just have to hang out with a camera in a haunted place and wait

@Laser @Pixley What do you mean by ghosts? It's your cellphone, your WiFi and the cell towers you need protection from.

@erlhel @Pixley I don't care about that dude, I might have real problems with spirits from beyond the grave!

@erlhel @Pixley please be serious, I do not want my family at risk

@erlhel @Pixley then please stop warning me about made up stuff like "wifi"

@Laser @Pixley I didn't read your mind correctly, so I didn't know what you wanted to hear. I'll do better next time.

@erlhel @Pixley Im not talking about psychic powers. I am again, talking about ghosts. But I appreciate your apology

@Laser @erlhel psychic powers are fake, we're talking about very real ghosts here

@Pixley @Laser I am sure the EMF meter will take care of them all. Just relax.

@swirlz judging by her recounting, I think she's fucking with us

@Laser thats what the baby with the red striped pajamas and brown hair wants you to think

@swirlz I literally hid one of my haunted dolls in her bed and she only laughed it off.

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