I'm doing that thing where you don't wash your jeans. I forget why, but it's very satisfying to scrape off dried spaghetti-o's with a knife

"clean your jeans!"

Yeah I did. You tell me where the spaghetti-o's were

"It's a smell that could most probably raise the dead. But it's most definitely the smell of a winner."

@swirlz I have a very muted sense of smell. Checkmate, Im a double winner

@Laser I'm surprised he doesn't say to wash them every day, so they'll wear out and you'll have to buy more from him

@lemoncarrots levi jeans are one of the few brands that still market themselves as a Quality brand, so I get it.

@swirlz I'm still owned, but more importantly you're wrong! That is another unamed stain from raising a toddler.

@Cyborgneticz i'd say yes! Unless you wanna go for the washed out look. Which I do prefer on my black skinny jeans

@Laser I like it too - the lil greyish white at the seams gets nice. I also pretty much only have black jeans.

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