Me faving a convo between two mutuals before adding my dumbass comment


i know you've been swapping out the avi images a couple times already in the past couple days, but consider keeping this loose in a folder for future use.

@Laser the ice cream is purple, and I have questions about that too

@Pixley grape ice cream is a regionally specific treat to Tontitown, Arkansas

@Laser why does it always come back to Arkansas with you

@Pixley @Laser idk, it seems like a good shade of lipstick for him, pretty brave

@Pawdraig @Laser that dark brown reads as a little 90s to me but I'm glad he's happy

What if the portrayed person just smokes a lot and happens to have discolored lips that just happen to be way out of contrast in this photo.

@Pawdraig @Laser

@Laser that guy really picked a bold colour for his lipstick when he considered the outfit he wanted to wear

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