This random rooster kept showing up in my yard today, so I set up the most Wile E Coyote-ass trap to get rid of him

Honestly a little embarrassed by how much adrenaline was coursing through my veins

@Laser you had to protect your family (of chickens)

@Pixley there's a salmonella pandemic! I have to protect them

@Elirairah I'm gonna be real with you, this seems like some nerd shit I don't want to understand

@Laser it worked because you didn't use an acme brand bucket

@lemoncarrots Wal-Mart is basically the modern Acme Co. It really makes you 🤔

@Laser "I like bird watching, not recreational but defensifly!" (goodnight moon, QAS girl)

@queerfrog I took him down a dirt road outside of town and wished him well

@Laser @queerfrog So you shot him in the back of the head and buried him in the swamp?

@breakfastgolem @queerfrog no, I let him be free for maybe someone to find him, or to let him be part of the circle of life. I already feel like an asshole, but I couldnt let him risk giving my girls salmonella

@Laser @queerfrog Out there, right now, is a rooster who is tasting freedom for the first time in his life.

@Laser this is the content I come to mastodon for, this right here

@Laser small, stupid and delicious is no way to go through life

@Laser wait. how did you get rid of him. is he Dinner now

@Laser yeah but look at all the weirdos in your mentions, was it worth it

@Laser ok I know what you're saying but that is not at ALL how that is spelled

@Pixley I literally used voice to text because I was unsure.

@Laser @Pixley For reference, it being French, it's properly "comme ci comme ça." You should be able to generate the cedilla (that thing under the last "c") on a phone keyboard by holding the "c" key until it pops up options, or in Windows using WordPad and typing Ctrl + the comma before typing "c." There are also ASCII codes if you want to memorize a few. Or just type "so-so" in Google Translate and copy it. XD

@Laser honestly though this is amazing, just knowing it is possible for life to serve up such a scenario dramatically improves my existence

@Laser every time this post gets boosted and I see it again I get really happy

@Laser have you been hit by a giant boulder after that?

"Fortunately, I always keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency."
—Foghorn Leghorn

@Laser *extremely foghorn leghorn voice* i say, i say, boy, what's the big idea a bamboozlin' me with this here, this here contraption

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