@Pixley @dirt @torie @swirlz I can't believe this was barely only two weeks ago. What a good day.

@Laser @Pixley @dirt @torie @swirlz

i'm glad that denim hat entered Torie's rotation and hope you all have fun.

@Laser @Pixley the powder blue Phillies hats are pretty sick, but I'm still disappointed in Amelia for wearing one

@healyn @neoncoughh it's a nice hat and I look great and I had a nice time with my FRIENDS, healyn

@Pixley @neoncoughh i don't know how many times I have to say it's a lovely hat and I hate that the Phillies have these great hats! you still shouldn't wear it though

@Laser @dirt @torie @swirlz what a good day!!!! It was so hot I thought I was going to die! I had a White Claw! I hugged people!

@Pixley so hot! We all had to take a walk to like, get our brains to cool off and process the game several times

@Laser I had too many drinks and I lost my eraser and my scorebook is so fucked up, dude

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