There's literally nothing more embarrassing than seeing someone shoot a TikTok in public.

Dude, you're shuffling in the cherry hill mall. This isn't the flex you think it is

@Laser I love scrolling through that instagram account "Influencers in the wild"

Idk I go outside looking like a queer disaster every day and I still think "oh thank fuck I'm not doing that"

@Laser I hope they're having genuine fun doing it and not just chasing clout, but Ive seen it a few times IRL and I think to a degree you can tell when they're really having fun with what they're doing

@scout oh absutely, I'm not here to shit on anyone just fucking around, but I've seen *so* many miserable people on the shore doing "photoshoots"

@Laser the one that bothers me is when moms make their kids photograph them for insta clout. It feels like it crosses a line I can't name

@Laser also somebody could write an entire thesis just on the homoeroticism between straight men when they film "thirst traps"

Idk TikTok is actually one of the most interesting social phenomena of the modern day imho but I'm digressing

@scout totally, I hope it destroys america and we can thank the CCP

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