Did I say here I got a new job and I start next Monday? It's a $6/hr raise and I'm gonna buy a Ford Bronco. Let's get some W's in the chat.


Can't wait to steal some working class valor at my slightly better new jersey factory job

@Laser putting on your blue boiler suit and performatively hitting a machine with a big wrench for online leftist clout

@Laser im working class because every day i put on my hard hat and go to a big building full of conveyor belts and big vats of molten steel and spend the next eight hours yelling things like "eyyyy, what are ya doin', don't put that there!"

@Dayglochainsaw youse know better than to put those jawns on the chassis without a serial number barcode

@Laser “34% of workers in the US belong to a union" factoid actually just statistical error. average person belongs to only one union. Working Class Jeff, who lives inside an industrial crucible like a hermit crab and belongs to over 30,000 unions is an outlier and should not have been counted

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