I'm 3 minutes into Darkman and I'm already convinced this is the greatest superhero movie ever made

It's wild how after Tim Burton's Batman the studios were like "ah, we get it now, people want noir 30s radio dramas as movies" and they made the shadow and the phantom and the rocketeer and this and not comic book movies

This is as good as any Tim Burton movie and Frances McDormand? Is ? Hot??

@Laser i recently re-watched the phantom and it's really not bad

@derek @healyn @cicatriz_jdr yeah, back when I like... Went to an office, I would wear it. People assumed it was a tough guy thing and I'm like "No it's just from a nerd movie my dad and I loved."

@healyn I saw it at the drive in when it came out. Billy Zane really had a moment in the mid 90s huh?

@Laser i think Titanic might have actually fucked his career, which is weird

@healyn I'm calling it now, we are ready for the Zane-revival. Cameron, put him in Avatar 3

@Laser i think the world is ready. Zaneheads need to stand up like the Brendan Fraser stans have

@healyn @Laser No more will Derek Zoolander yell "Put a cork in it Billy Zane!"

I kind of liked the pulp fiction styles of the 90s. :(

@georgieboy @healyn sin city perfected the genre like 5 years after it died

@Laser @healyn ayup. :( I've had a soft spot for noir and pulps since I was a teenager. Like, I don't obsess over it, but I enjoy me some Phil Marlowe/Bogie, Rocketeer was p good.

@georgieboy @Laser LA Confidential is up there for me, maybe my favorite movie of the 90s (obviously not a comic book movie, but still)

@Laser @healyn Like, it's kind of a cavalcade of kinda shitty guys, Kevin Spacey and Russell Crowe, plus Guy Pearce, all at the heights of their powers though.

@healyn it's inspired casting! Raimi saw that Liam was an action leading man like 20 years before anyone else. Paxton would have also been great. Apparently Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts were the studios choice for the female lead as well

@Laser Raimi made it up to Paxton by putting him in A Simple Plan, which is an amazing movie

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