Some day I'll have a full length mirror that i don't have to crouch in front of

Selfie no ec

But what about a magazine for men's gut health?!

Learning about the "Angel of death" during France's "Reign of terror" and it's this Mark Zukerburg looking head-ass. Should have at least worn corpse paint or something if you're gonna have that title.

Congrats to uh *squints* Pierce from Community

CW us pol

I love the best political forecasting the algorithm gives us

I'm too busy working 12 hours a day and raising two kids to volunteer. I donated. If you can, I suggest you do too. They take as low as $3 on the form.

This is what every dude that sold me weed in high school aspired to be.

The unions agree
'Sacrifices must be made'
Computers never go on strike
To save the working man you've got to put him out to pasture

This is my ideal late winter outfit.

Selfie - no ec

"Night School" by Charles Bukowski

CW alcoholism and sex worker slur because it's Charles Bukowski

You say Bernie isn't a "real" socialist, then why is he quoting Marx's letters to Engels in this ad?

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