Bought my first ever pair of chucks today at the goodwill for 5 bucks.

Ootd, dirty mirror selfie, ec

I'm tryna set up a lil outdoor beach diner. This is phase one

I want a 10,000 word essay on anyone that's bought this mask

Me doing the
I nominate Stephen Colbert , Aimee Tereese and Barack Hussein Obama

Food , alc 

Panko and parm crusted chicken on spaghettini pesto with a strawberry basil Kentucky mule

Food, it's not insta pretty but it's real fuckin good 

Smoked brisket (that's done perfectly, btw), some broccoli and brusselsprout slaw, and slow simmered, home-made baked beans. This is like 8 hours of cooking and it rules

Me , vaguely trying to recollect a bofa dot lol meme in 30 years

Update: my parsips have gone sicko mode and my spinach kinda failed. I'm gonna make some pesto out of the basil this weekend

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Every song from the sixties has a tearjerker comment underneath it

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Animal Crossing villagers be like "I know a place"

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