Dirt asked me a couple days ago if I owned a bow tie. Here is my facebook profile picture from *late* 2017

Cw eye contact, mild lewd implied

The democrats explaining why they can't raise minimum wage due to a parliamentary procedure suggestion

You can google any emo band from the 10's and caption it "gonna tell my kids this is chapo trap house"

I look like a henchman from the first 15 minutes of a 90s action movie that tried to mug a woman in front of the lead actor and I'm there to estabish the lead's martial arts skills

Selfie, ec


I'm cooking porterhouses and artichokes and baked potatoes for dinner but all I really want is leftover cheesesteak pizza with red sauce and fries on it

Broke: I am going to become the joker
Woke: literally becoming the joker
Bespoke: I am going to pretend to be willy wonka on tiktok

I said I wanted to look like the dad from Inside Out a while back for 2k21 and I'm getting pretty close

Cw - selfie, eye contact

My daughter missed the trashcan and accidentally made a dream pop album cover

I saved these two pictures of roger stone dressed as the joker but I haven't come up with a post for them and I like my sad rfk avi

Gonna drink a 4 pack of each of these and start DMing my favorite podcasters

Cw - alc

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