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Because it was a slow game I got the ultimate Phillies meal of a tony Luke's steak *and* chickie and Pete's crab fries. This was the beer I went with. Our lunch cost almost $70 lol

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This random rooster kept showing up in my yard today, so I set up the most Wile E Coyote-ass trap to get rid of him

I will never stop being mad at how shitty every house looks on the jersey shore

Does anyone know who these guys are? They're in the pinegrove movie and aren't introduced.

For reasons I do not understand, my town of 15,000 people is having the Falun Gong march in our 4th of July parade.

Cw - swastika, uncaptioned image

I really feel fulfilled growing my own food. I was talking to my oldest a bit ago about how I want to be a homesteader when I retire and she said "that just sounds like a bunch of work" and I explained to her (and me) the difference between work (shitty) and labor (rewarding)

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