I guess my little plot of land finally got rated 5 stars by Isabelle

My new vibe is being the most normal dude

Selfie - ec

Fun fact for Marx's bday: he tried to emigrate to the Republic of Texas in 1843 but was denied a passport.

It probably worked out for the better because the Confederacy hanged German unionists in 1862

Looking at the TL:

Restaurants should organize their menus by color

I Stan a lil queen that figured out how to escape, please do not show your sisters

This is a rare example of a good tweet from a brand

Cw - alc adjacent

My kids accent is bonkers, she spent three weeks in NorCal like 5 years ago

Got the first 8 issues of Grant Morrison's Animal Man (maybe my favorite run on a title of all time) for $10 at the swap meet

Me faving a convo between two mutuals before adding my dumbass comment

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