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@derek literally anybody tell me with a straight face that either of these two albums are better than the blue album and I'll call you a liar

@alex @Pixley what is a "Mammoth song"? Is this something you came up with or am I dumb

@touk also these are like mid budget options which I always go for. If you want like an heirloom super nice grill the Green Egg is supposed to be like the Cadillac of grills. I cannot speak to propane ones.

@touk standard weber charcoal grill. And a charcoal chimney. If you keep it clean it'll last you a decade or more

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:bing: midsommar scene with all the girls screaming in unison ringtone

@healyn the only situation we have is you hitting the mat after eating the end of my pugel stick *whap whap*

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