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@swirlz I saw that too! Just get regular bikes yall

That guy and the guy singing and playing a ukelele while hiking are what keep me across the river

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I've been to Philly like 9 times but one time I saw a guy riding on a pennyfarthing by the river and so that's what I think all Philadelphians are like now.

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Looking at a recipe for a nice simple pasta dish and seeing "This is an amazing recipe. Hate to say it, we prepared it for the first time on 9/11, THAT 9/11" in the comments, rather startling

@swirlz hahahaha we are good friends. Also MF *is* a nerd

Wikipedia in it's inception was legit a user edited Mr Skin.

@Pixley @swirlz feet guys are the pioneers and progenitors of the internet.

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POPE BENEDICT XVI: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Pope Plagueis the Wise? I thought not. It's not a story the Jesuits would tell you.

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