@triz @ponfarr like all the ones I don't fuck with I bet there's someone else here who does

@esvrld damn it, it's still only "cracker", "frenchy" and "kraut"

@esvrld taking 23 and me to see which slurs are ok for me to say.

Everyone should watch @Cyborgneticz 's video "brief history of neoliberalism". I did a couple weeks ago and they do a very good job explaining a popular buzzword thoroughly and succinctly

@Cyborgneticz @Dayglochainsaw nothing but love for sharp skins. The concept of "anti racism" was taught to my by skinhead friends as a teen

@Dayglochainsaw yeah, there was a big anti racist ska and punk scene in england and then America. It was very working class solidarity then the neo Nazis took over the aesthetic. I don't know a resco6uce but look into the history of "oi music"

@Dayglochainsaw there's a whole subculture of "sharp" skinheads. Aka "skinheads against racial predjudice" and it predates the neonazi skins

nadia is doing this so im stealing it. mutuals reply to this post and ill serve you up a spicy jpeg that makes me think of you in some way or another

@ponfarr I never got around to thanking you for the skullsongs shout out in your news letter. In glad you enjoy it. It's probably the most communal thing we do here

I haven't thought of any good posts but I have thought of several good screen names the last couple days

@zensaiyuki it's an accurate analysis for sure. But examining the underlying reasons, ie capitalism, and trying to dismantle that should be paramount

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