@Laser probably fashioning a noose for mike pence in bryce harper's garage

today i am learning about the waterphone, an instrument which as far as i can tell, the only conceivable function of which is to make horror movie soundtracks youtube.com/watch?v=foSJstDFDf

Hello, I wrote about a movie called THE SINNERS that has Satanism, Catholic schools, roses, and boning in the Lord's library, please read it thanks!!!

I did it, and the keyboardist gave me the "I see you" hand signal

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I'm gonna yell "let's go jayhawks" at the get-up kids tonight

I have shocked myself with 120V twice in three days and it has fucked with my brain immensely today. Also I'm 39 now.

@infernusgoatus I always wanted a Subaru Baja. Also the new Ridgelines without the "ridge line" look sick

I am not the only girl at the Drug Church show and I'm not the only person here by themselves but I think I'm the only girl here by herself, and the jury's out as to whether I'm the only person frantically doing Duolingo to save my league status

@alex thanks! I don't need passenger space daily but I do need to go to IKEA or load up on top soil a couple times a year.

Today I bought the most suburban truck on the market. It's so ugly and I love it. More like Hyungay Soynta Cruz amirite?

I'm really glad I taught my spellcheck the word "murderboard" a couple years ago, it's an essential part of my writing

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