I am once again saying thay I Could Fix Kyrsten Sinema and/or Grimes

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It's about how he's just better and smarter and willing to suffer more to succeed

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American squid game remake starring Chris Pratt

@Aleums ok so his signature guitar is $6k but it's like *really* nice

The redneck hippie is underrepresented in media. I saw this band in a eureka springs dive bar and I'm legit sorry for anyone that hasn't had that experience

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But I got bills to pay, kids to raise
Money already spent
I do what I gotta do to get by
Screw the government :yell:

Mountain Sprout - Screw the Government


@scout hell yeah, "dry counties" is like Arkansas condensed sonically

@scout there it is, also do you know mountain sprout? It's just straight up bluegrass but they're local legends in the Ozarks

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