@badboy69 they tried with wolfmoon or whatever the fuck, but it was too led zep and not enough thin lizzy

@gzt has there ever been a good italian rock band? Serious question

@healyn I'm either gonna go honky tonk or grindcore if I play music again

@neoncoughh they tried it with parquet courts but they had obvious rich kid energy

Now that trump is over we're going to have some middling garage rock band from a 1st world foreign country that the music press will listen to and say "rock n' roll is back!"

@lennie I hadn't heard it until today and I'm surprised because I was totally one of those obnoxious americans that thought the Brits were the only people making music that mattered in 2008 or whatever


Johnny Boy - You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve

This song has the "be my baby" intro. It was produced by a couple of the manic street preachers and the concept of the song is "what if the clash but phil spector"

This Adam Curtis series Can't Get You Out Of My Head is as heavy as I expected it to be. How have so many people had time to digest it all? I would not recommend binge watching it 😬

@kavbojka I threw out my back so I've been resting all day and I just finished part four. It's soooooo damn good. I want to take a course or read annotations about every little section.

Today I bought a weapon. And that weapon is called a Blue Yeti USB Microphone #podcast #podcasting

Just finished part two of "can't get you out of my head" and it's starting to come together now. If it keeps up the quality it'll be better than hypernormalization by far

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@swirlz wawa's got them breakfast hoagies but I know youre a sizzli stan

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