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funnfact: the pokemon sableye is based on the Hopkinsville Goblins who allegedly appeared to a dozen people in 1955

charity donation ask, boosts good 

my sister has been shaving her head for children's cancer research for years now and she set an ambitious donation goal for 2020 because recently she got a DM on instagram that basically said "nooo don't shave ur head haha your so sexy" so she asked him to double her donation amount from last year and she'd agree to not shave her head, then he blocked her.

so now she has a $1,000 goal AND she's still shaving her head.

For my money? Over the Top has to be the *best* full length, feature movie about competitive arm-wreslting

Best Gin Blossom song


Bloomberg is literally buying endorsements. absolutely incredible to see

I learned the word "historiographical" so prepare for that.

busting out the hot pink fenty and Big Pants for my host outfit tonight

i am "frequently saying the wrong age by like a year or two" years old

A crown came loose in my mouth so I might actually and accidentally eat a tooth. Hope you freaks are happy.

I will boost any post with :shankly: in it, a policy that surely will not come back to bite me in any way

There are two paths ahead of this country: SinnFeinTrumpTrain or Steampunk Mayor Pete

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