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"How Blaseball is Queering Sports" a universally hated article by me, Jake Laser

Drug mention 

God I wish I had a healthy relationship with opiates. Because this Spice album would be a perfect way to kill an evening

considering doing a but only of the puns, since apparently that's all you gormless rattlebags remember of me

if anyone wants to dream my island "cool tapes" it is at da-1458-1462-7916

it's a work in progress so be nice please lol

It's kinda crazy how much extended lore Donald Duck has.

The world needs, but doesn't deserve Joe Pera

Oh boi ace of base being about nazi shit has ruined my childhood

Top 3 coolest accessories:
1. Gun
2. Cigarette
3. Leather motorcycle jacket

Brb there's a woman wrong about cartoons on the internet

I like when people take the internet really seriously, that cracks me the fuck up

Me, 80 years old: they were rocket cars that played soccer. I was Gold 1 for a hot minute

My great grandkid: grampa, there's a water war

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