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The Menzingers "On the impossible past" is a perfect album

When I slipped into depression the dreaded can pyramid returned. Only the power of mania can defeat it.

This bathroom at a bowling alley is the most new jersey "classy" shit ever

Selfie no ec

@Laser nj will subsidize this if that’s an issue

I have been told by my wife that an "adidas jumpsuit" is not allowed on my birthday list.

I would be insufferable if I were able to read books.

When I called Yoshi a “dumbass that just smokes weed all day and doesn’t pay his child support.” I was lying. Yoshi is my most trusted friend. It is I who is the dumbass that smokes weed all day and doesn’t pay Yoshi’s child support.

What a great day to be a fan of the green dinosaur I love so much

And if you hate checking your email, here is the thing I wrote! It is called MOMMY'S LITTLE PRINCESS and I gave it a CW for extremely intense monarchism, but I should have added one for the threat of poison ivy

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My mom bought me tony hawk for my birthday. The 00s are fukkin BACK y'all

@SunSaint all graphs of America Per Decade should be required by international law to have reagan's mugshot and a big arrow

@Laser Bella Mae, Annaleigh Mae, Jenna Mae, Alexa Rae, Christine Mae, Lily Rae, Reagan Elizabeth, Riley Rae, Emma Lee, Leigh Ann

I am going to break my back attempting to mow my lawn because I refuse to pay someone else to do it out of sheer stubbornness

david doritoresh and the cool ranch davidians

White people be like

(Picture of mayonaise with a Qanon logo)

🔁2.6k ⭐17.1k

Sad to miss seeing the Confederate statue in my hometown being taken down. Ive been hollerin about that shit for years.

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