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Ok which one of you jokesters has been distributing all my posts saved to a word document called “soyboy beta cringe compilation 2020”

oh your an individualist? name every person

I love my job with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Waiting for some AI chud to say they have solved philosophy by feeding the wikipedia philosophy section to a neural net. Fuckin thing will spit out sentences indistinguishable from Heidegger

All those pictures of hunter biden reveal is that he is a dude that fucks

also i walked by a mirror and immediately thought "gosh, i'm really beautiful. how did that happen??" and it was so nice to not be subjected to the usual internal caveats and criticism and nitpickyness. it was just like, oh hey, hell yeah

bored. maybe ill pull some tarot. i want to do some readings for ppl but omg even 3 card spreads take so long

Becoming CNN’s Wolf Blitzer online is what zero pussy does to a mf.

I'm so starved for something to do I've been daydreaming about rodeos and monster truck rallies.

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