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When you're dancing with a pretty lady, make sure you leave room for Lenin between the two of you

Inauguration day is gonna suck. And people are probably gonna die all across the country at the hands of the state but the idea of a "pro-government" insurrection is inherently cucked

My new goal is to become one of those guys you see in documentaries and nowhere else

I wonder if algernon cadwallader likes cap'n jazz

I set myself a deadline of today to send out a new so HERE IT IS, it's called UNWRITTEN OBSESSION and it's actually kind of good, if you like plagiarism and bocce, which I DO

Also, The Damned's 1986 cover of Love's 1967 song "Alone Again Or" is just playing on repeat. If its gonna stay in my head, might as well force some of you to hear it too.

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if you are mean to any of our users, you're gone

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The two most famous slovenians are melonia and zizek. Really makes you think

did steve jobs always wear a turtleneck because of all the hickeys?

Boston Dynamics really doesn't have a good name for a proper cyberpunk villain vibe tho. Say what you will about Peter Thiel but he would've named it something like Balrog.

I have permanently banned the president of the united states from posting on

excited for the antifascist CIA to invade the white supremacist terrorist nation of Cuba by the end of the year

the purpose of expanding the definition of domestic terrorism isn't to crack down on the coup attempt. those guys are facing a minimum of 4 federal charges a piece. no the purpose is to crack down on "providing material aid" which is nebulous enough anyone could get slapped with that charge. even donating to a bail fund of a radical could get it.

The next 4 years of Democratic austerity is going to be coded using the language of racial and gender liberation because if everyone is precarious we'll finally have equality. ✊

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if you are mean to triz, you're gone

Patriot Act 2 will ironically be targeting the Boogaloos

I'm into my body lately but there's something inherently funny to having like three chest hairs as a 37 year old man

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