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You can google any emo band from the 10's and caption it "gonna tell my kids this is chapo trap house"

I've never seen a snowy beach and I plan to rectify that today.

Every year on International Women's Day I think of my dad. He really loved women's sports. also it's his birthday

Every time ANOLE isn't a valid word in the Spelling Bee puzzle, I just look at pictures of anoles for five minutes and think about who's gonna tell this lil fella he's not real


I'm eating a wawa breakfast quesadilla that has cream cheese in it and drinking a monster "dragon tea".

Catching up with the whole "canceled" white librarian rap thing via Michael Hobbes and consisted 😮

I mean I have met this woman* but still

*I have not met THIS this woman but I am a white woman working in libraries, I have met more than one of this woman.

Gonna hit you in the face,
Gonna punch you in your glasses, oh no! :yell:

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The universe is shaped exactly like the earth
And if you go straight long enough you end up where you were :yell:

My toddler put a quarter in my martin and I guess it's just gonna live there forever now

Being recognized in a Walmart is how I refill my mana, that's why I've been so low lately

fired from the mike bloomberg campaign for offering an instagram influencer $250 to post a screenshot of mike tweeting “taint smells like a fam”

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