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This tweet buys cigs for teens and keeps their change

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This tweet knows a guy looking for people to practice tattooing on

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This is a rare example of a good tweet from a brand

Cw - alc adjacent

New jersey is literally the least similar state

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My kids accent is bonkers, she spent three weeks in NorCal like 5 years ago

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Yeah, I had a paper route as a kid. It was hard fucking work, I saw some shit and I grew to be a man because of it

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Selling hellsite the instance as an NFT and losing hundreds of pounds

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Got the first 8 issues of Grant Morrison's Animal Man (maybe my favorite run on a title of all time) for $10 at the swap meet

Reading a new poet like "is this good but challenging, or does it just suck"

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Vape Ape could never exist today because of cancel culture

One thing I will never get tired of is listing shit from Arkansas in the knowing manner that people from LA and NY do.

La cienega? Sunset strip?
Highway 12, college Ave

Upper west side? Bed-stuy?
Avoca, Bethel heights

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a thing that i see on profiles that brings me out in hives is some iteration of 'im a cis man... sorry about this -_-' or 'im white... unfortunately'. its always cringe.

Oh, you can't rehabilitate Nazis? Explain operation paperclip then. Checkmate pinkos

Me faving a convo between two mutuals before adding my dumbass comment

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I Fucking Love Science BF
What the Bleep Do We Know GF

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@Laser this take sucks but also, its objectively extremely funny to imagine a bunch of 2010s tumblr uwusofts trying to cancel gg allin

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