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I like this, but I'm afraid it might be a little "hat on a hat"

was mostly on the wildwood boardwalk and beach.
All time most steps since December with 19,000

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Weed poll - update 

I smoked the floor drugs and took a long nap.

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Weed poll 

I found a joint on the boardwalk at like 9am, looks totally dry and fine

I'm in a motel with two beds, one of them has a blanket and the other just has like, 6 sheets.

If the sandman series on Netflix is as good as the comics I'll try to watch it three times before giving up because it's mealy-mouthed boring goth bullshit

White dude auteurs that don't have moviebro vibes:

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Elon Musk is trying to go to Mars, but I'm trying to go to Jupiter (to get more stupider)

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*Bernie Sanders voice*
I am...a disaster bisexual

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@Laser born too early to explore the galaxy, born too late to hire someone to send a demon after ea-nasir for his shit-ass copper

I should have been born in the copper age. MFs had communism *and* magic

Some of you weren't kicked out of the McElroy shitposting group on Facebook for posting racist Bart Simpson shirts and it shows

Ellie Kemper was in a weird, racist beauty pageant, but Nick Kroll's dad literally founded the "private CIA"

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