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Taking pictures of BPD TikTok Egirls to the barber

There's something very defeatist in the whole "it's ok to be not ok" mindset. "I deserve misery sometimes" is a weird thing to put on a t-shirt

Googling how to win carnival games in an attempt to impress my teen

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As a man, having two daughters rules because I can just explain things to women the rest of my life guilt-free

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a little office humor for you XD 

*stares directly into the camera *

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People keep forgetting that I am actively working for the CIA

Oh you hate "heteronormative white supremacy"? Replace that with "bipoc women". Not a good look now, is it?

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No poser shit

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Yeah you could say Jesus was "based" and "pilled". He "based" his life on universal love and he s"pilled" his blood for your sins.

I went from watching "satisfying industrial videos" to "structural collapses" and I feel like I've had a cup of coffee

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Sauteed zucchini from the garden, tomato sauce, asiago & parmesan on a baguette I made yesterday, toasted

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I bet windsurfing is easy. That shit ain't impress me at all.

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extremely bad post 

man if the guy from ratatouille could cook just from someone pulling his hair, imagine what he could have done if only the rat had spit in his mouth

I will never stop being mad at how shitty every house looks on the jersey shore

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