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Position player pitching alert! Garrett Stubbs, Catcher, is pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Here it is! Hedgehog manor
Cats can't get in it, camera now mounted inside, idk if they'll use it but we'll see

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I love how much Bryce Harper disrespects 3rd base coaches

One time at the library, a lady came to the desk to ask if we had "Werner Herzog's first film" on DVD and I said, "do you know the title? I can look it up if you don't," and she said, "VAIRNAIR HERTTZZOG," and I said, "no, I know, Werner Herzog, do you know the title of--" and she said, "W-E-R," and I said, "NO, I know how to spell it, just, give me a second," and anyway it was Signs of Life and no we didn't have it

The taste and formality range of attire at a new jersey middle school graduation is fuckin wide and varied.

@Laser me at the laser monument in [REDACTED], arkansas: this statue out here looking like somebody's cousin lol

The flamethrower guitar guy from mad max fury road is like the coolest thing anyone has ever made exist in the history of time right?

I'm taking us back to "my cousin told me..." levels of communication and statues will be put up of me

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Unplugging the jstor server and telling people that the library of Alexandria didn't deserve to exist

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What if the first John Carpenter movie I watch is Starman?

It stands to reason that the Phillies will never lose a game again.

Hmm after ukraine and the johnny dep thing I wonder what’s gonna be the next thing people expect me to have an opinion on

Carlsbad, CA: the town brave enough to answer Michael Jackson's eternal question, "Who's bad?"

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