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Put the girls in temporary housing while I cleaned out the coop

On a first date: I work in less of a "food truck" and more of a "mobile imaginarium"

did i show everyone my art? here's what i've done in my class

I will never care about Nathan Fielder and that's a @Laser guarantee

The pirates have one of the best parks and one of the best aesthetics, I feel bad that they haven't had a winning season in like 30 years or whatever.

I have been served an ad for a fragrance "based on the rituals of the proto-Mississippian death cult of the 1200s" and like, sure, why not, smells like death cult, I'll take it

The dicksucking factory just won its $4.5 million deal to sponsor the local football stadium. Hopefully it helps the team give the star qb a massive contract extension.

Tiktokkers and influencers be like "cottagecore this" and "cottagecore that" but none of you look like the king

Its been 2.5 years and there aren’t even mask mandates anymore. Who the fuck are these chuckleheads still wearing masks under their noses

i know virtually nothing about the baseball, but this seems like something that's not supposed to happen

when i am nostalgic for 2018 on masto its not that i feel nostalgic for the people who are now gone from here, necessarily, its that I know I will never feel That Feeling again where every time I went online it felt like I was entering my real life. like i was walking into a room and a world and there were infinite possibilities. it felt like a miracle.

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