Some people are coming to my work to do an MK Movie promotion next week and I’m already pog faced just thinking about it

Had one of those moments of clarity this morning so this is mood and a half today.

I think I posted about this before but one thing I miss the most about this place aside from the carpeted walls and the old owners and staff is they used to have potlucks every Sunday where all the neighborhood weirdos would just bring whatever and everyone was welcome to grab a couple plates. Bars used to be the neighborhood place for the working class to congregate. That type of shit is going away everywhere.

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Since I’m 100% vaxxed up I decided to stop by my old bar and there’s this dude that’s talking my fucking ear off about weird shit and I have no idea who he is but he’s got sick taste in music at least. The other night some other dude was also talking at me a lot and showing me the site he buys skimmed credit cards off of. I guess big time weirdos are just my people.

The weebest shit about me is that I really wanna learn Japanese to go to my friends pizza shop punk venue in Kyoto. It’s the entire reason I’m getting a passport.

Have I put this back in yet?
I still feel personally called out by the line hanging at my moms drinking bud light lime. I am doing that right now

I had an Uber driver tonight that is an epic gamer but like in a good way? He picked me up from the video game bar i work at so naturally that’s what he wanted to talk about and like idk I could tell it was something he doesn’t get to talk about much and he mostly was talking about gears of war and the first to modern warfare games so it just brought back some good memories for both of us. Video games can be epic actually.

[ParrotHead420 has logged on]

ParrotHead420: what’s up tonight everyone?

FinsA1A: Just mixing up some frozen concoctions with the wife. B)

CrawfishKyle: Hey PH, how are ya?

neko_ichigo: =^..^= <(~konichiwa PHsama!~)

Did any of you guys hear about Harmar Superstar being a mailman now?

We got Captain Ron in at work now so that might replace the Golden Child as the one I try to sneak in every Saturday.

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