Ok after this one my weird ass roommates are gonna take the aux and put on some Garth fuckin Brooks so let’s go to the bar. Just act cool at the door and you’ll be fine


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I think the worst YouTube videos are the ones where a guy will play some other video of a different guy talking and then pause it to make his counter points. They always treat it like a argument that they’re winning. It’s not a conversation. You’re talking to a video bro.

Sitting here like “when the fuck is my unemployment gonna come through???? It’s usually here by now” only to realize I did not infact request the payment yesterday. I just wanted to go buy the baseball prospectus and perhaps some Tahitian Treat

My old account had zero certified Skull site bangers. That’s how you know clout is fake because I am cool as hell actually

I’m watching this and my dad already knows every single thing in it


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