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Being a brat and demanding compliments on main 2k20

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Making a post about my newsletter so I can pin it, subscribe to Don't Threaten Me With a Good Lifetime and tell your friends, fuckos

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"cuck" is short for "cuckoo bananas"

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Reading an article about Jeff Bezos that includes the sentence "It was not his only superyacht of the summer," and thinking some thoughts

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Your beauty lasts beyond the grave
The angels call you, sainted maid
Although you're nameless here, forever more
Your voice is like forgotten lore
I'm rapping at the chamber door
I cannot compete with you, Lenore
Lenore Lenore Lenore Lenore
I'm begging of you please don't haunt my man

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I Crave Animal Crossing New Horizons I Feel It In My Soul I Just Cant Take It Anymore Please I need This Fucking Game I Cant I Cant I cant

I am going to bed crying because I am so proud of Gracie Gold

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For the love of god, free yourselves from my posts

Frankly baffled that I am getting follow requests from people on their new monads accounts, have you not noticed that I am like the least smarty smart person on here

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For years and years, a person used my email address as like, their garbage email address and I got this woman in Ohio's Chili's receipts and teacher conference signup reminders, and I really felt like I got to know her

I have just realized that the last name is the less common variation of mine


Someone's mom doesn't know their kid's email address so I, Kenneth (Lastname), have just been added to a "personal profile" at USAA

Oh shit the new season of Uncover is gonna be about a satanic panic, gimme gimme gimme gimme

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My brother is currently viewing a presentation that includes this pie chart

Can't wait for the new Animal Crossing, solely because I want to see my animal friends in sleeves

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Oh.. ? "Much to my surprise, we found that, even though we know that Native Americans were in New England for at least 14,000 years with, at certain times in history, fairly large population densities, the ecological signal was essentially invisible," said Chilton. "If one did not know there had been humans on the landscape, it would be almost impossible to detect them on a regional scale."

I literally had eco-fascists screaming the opposite at me just a week ago.

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