More powder blue hats pleeeaaaaaase (selfie, ec)

@Pixley the color also goes very well with the color of your hair.

@hope thanks!! It's a color I don't wear a ton, but I like to work a little in now and again.

@Pixley I will forgive the Phillies-ness of the hat because it looks very good on you.

@NeoAJ me, thinking about going to Philadelphia in a few months: "I should go to a baseball game. Do I wear? something? Probably not,,,,,,,,, oh my GOD they have the powder BLUE, yesssssss"

@Pixley Honestly, if I was going to Boston or something, I would just lean in super hard on the Jays, wear my pink Bautista jersey and just be all "Deal with it". I couldn't bring myself to wear Red Sox gear.

@Pixley @NeoAJ the handshake meme and its tarzan boy and AJ shaking over hating the worst team.

@NeoAJ @Pixley Boston’s pretty tame. It’s what happens when prices are that high. The only time I’ve ever been scared while wearing the away team’s shirt was at Dodger Stadium, in the left field bleachers. But, even then, it was fine

@Pixley sometimes i do that and it doesn't work out good, sorry, anyway nice hat

@error_1202 thank you! I'm hoping the Twins do baby blue hats this year too, since they're bring back the blue unis!

@Pixley @error_1202 they'll be wearing the plain navy hats with the uniform but the 2019 Dairy Queen giveaway hat was baby blue and looks pretty nice. I feel like the clubhouse store had baby blue dad hats with Minnie and Paul on them but I might be mistaken.

@tarzanboy @error_1202 ooh yeah I saw those on Fanatics or somewhere, they're cute

@Laser can we have a Cubs and a Twins emoji, just for me

@Quixote171 I am apparently just a person who accumulates hats now, I'm that person


Karen The Hat Collector, that's what they call you.

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