Hello, I have just now seen the Oscar nominations and I cannot stop texting my husband "what the fuck"

@breakfastgolem I had heard about Joker getting the most nominations, but like, there are so many baffling things in here,

@Pixley I mean, Adam Sandler played a better version of Joker in "Uncut Gems" at least.

@Pixley Please note: I have seen neither movie and I have no interest in seeing Joker, but I am keeping this comparison because it is valid.

@breakfastgolem @Pixley i only faved this earlier, because i was still upset Sandler (and Uncut Gems) got shut out. I can't talk about Joker bc i haven't seen it. i do not respect any "academy" that does not respect Uncut Gems. give todd phillips an oscar, who gives a shit

@healyn @breakfastgolem @Pixley anyone who was aware of the oscars in the early 2000s has no business having any respect for them.

@robotcarsley @breakfastgolem @Pixley ohh, lemme tell you about the 90s (Dances With Wolves over Goodfellas, just one example)

@derek it's so BAD, like, I know it's always a farce but my GOD

@Pixley I mean, full disclosure, a bunch of those movies I like, but most of it is just silly, I mean come on y'all

@derek surely we can agree that both the popes from the film "A Coupla Popes" did not need to be nominated

@Pixley It was actually really fun and fairly satisfying

It's as close to perfect as a disaster thriller creature feature can get

@Pixley I just want a CGI alligator to lumber on stage to accept the award for Best Actor

@Pixley I'm glad that the oscars topped out in 2018 when they voted for the cloaca movie, and that I no longer need to pay attention to them

@Pixley I mean, it's always a little hmm but this year is really especially hmmmmm, right??

@WoozleWuzzle it's really especially hmmmmm! Ford v Ferrari????? Tom Hanks as supporting actor in the Mr. Rogers movie, in which he plays Mr. Rogers??????? Like??????????

@Pixley yes!! I could not make out how he's not the lead in it. Very weird. And how on earth Tarantino has got in the director list ahead of Greta Gerwig is just, ughhhh. And like Scarlett Johansson twice. And Brad Pitt?? Booooo!

@WoozleWuzzle oh my god I didn't even notice Scarlett Johansson twice, ughhhhhhhhh come ON

@Pixley I mean, I would begrudge her for Marriage Story I suppose but goodness Jojo Rabbit looks tiresome. At least Parasite is there. And this movie Honeyland, which I really hope a bunch more people watch

@Pixley @WoozleWuzzle I haven’t seen the Rogers movie, but it’s based on an essay that was about the writer coming to terms with meeting Fred Rogers. My guess is the film is like that, too

@remulacfrommars @Pixley ah ok, I guess the journalist seems like at least co-lead in the trailer. and they're probably marketing it Hanks-heavy

@WoozleWuzzle @remulacfrommars yeah, it wouldn't be the first time studios pretended a co-lead is actually a supporting actor, to make sure they get a nomination

@Pixley also I didn't see very many movies, but uh wheres knives out bitches.

@hope the ONLY thing it got was screenplay, which, if you're only going to give it one that makes sense, but why would you only give it one??????

@Pixley everything about it was nearly perfect!

@hope like at LEAST throw it a production design or costume nomination, did you SEE it, my GOD

@Pixley DID THEY? I mean I'm not saying it deserves to win best picture, because I've seen none of the ones nominated, but it at least should be on the board.

@Pixley *googles*

I try not to get any feelings about awards shows because you know how I am


...Gerwig wasn't nominated for Director but Sam fucking Mendes was? It's okay, Greta, Stanley never won shit for his brilliance either

@Pixley (I LOVE Revolutionary Road, so so much, but come ON)

@Pixley I thought Joker was brilliant, but I'm not sure it deserves 11 noms.
But what do I know. I pretty much see the AA as a marketing exercise anyway.

@kmckaig the point isn't that it's not a marketing exercise, the point is that half these nominations literally make no sense

@Pixley The only other film on the list I've seen is "Ford vs. Ferrari" and there's no way that deserves a BP nod. It's a good film but not on that level.

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