Reading about ospreys and loving this picture so much, your house is an osprey house now, thank you, it's an honor

@Pixley hey we are gonna drop large bones we find onto your sidewalk from great heights so we can break them and eat the marrow. Thank you. We are ospreys.

@interneteh just so you know, we have barbs on the pads of our feet, to grip the flesh of fish and others. Thank you for listening. We are ospreys.

@Pixley this osprey is just talking at you constantly, fish scales and bones falling out of its mouth onto your floor

@interneteh @Pixley you cna't take ospreys anywhere, they just fish the place up and cause a ruckus

@Pixley @007 it's how we get all the energy we need to be ospreys! Thank you fish

@Pixley ospreys, it seems, do not fuck around when it comes to best building

@robotcarsley they just keep coming back to the same nest and adding and perfecting, year after year!

@Pixley was supposed to be nest building, but I suppose that's the Osprey Difference

@Pixley The house is doubly happy. Hims is on a pier by the sea and has a birdy crown. Happy house.

@Pixley ospreys are so good

there are special poles around here for them to nest on

@ape yeah they love those! Their nests are so big that they're like, oh FINALLY someone made this very tall platform for us to stack sticks on for several decades, thank GOD

@Pixley we have a three-day nature camp that all the sixth graders here go to and the last time I brought students they got to see a wild osprey snag a fish out of the river and go to town on it

@checkervest it doesn't look like it should work, and yet: clearly it works

@Pixley this house has been accepted as Osprey
Tribute, thank you for your understanding at this time

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