Someone's mom doesn't know their kid's email address so I, Kenneth (Lastname), have just been added to a "personal profile" at USAA

I have just realized that the last name is the less common variation of mine


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For years and years, a person used my email address as like, their garbage email address and I got this woman in Ohio's Chili's receipts and teacher conference signup reminders, and I really felt like I got to know her

@Pixley I had someone with a very similar name and I'd get that stuff at my email and I was worried at first (I didn't order Grabhub from Des Moines)

@whiskeysailor yeah it's creepy getting a receipt for something you didn't order! Am I being scammed, what is this! But no, people just can't spell their own names

@Pixley @whiskeysailor I was signed up for paperless billing on a gas bill for a place in a town I’ve never been to, about 300km from here near the US border. Dude used my gmail account for some reason. I ignored them til I got multiple « pay now or lose gas » notices then I called the company

@Pixley I think they finally fixed it but for a few years I was jealous of all the British rail travel my namesake was doing, judging by the receipts I would get

@Pixley I'm jealous of any country with any kind passenger rail infrastructure tbh

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @Pixley it was so good in the 80s when we'd visit, snack trolleys and everything

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