I'm tired of looking at my newsletter so I'm sending it at 10:38 CST on a Friday night, I don't care, read it in the morning, or don't

This is a lie!! I care so much!!!!! Good night!

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@Pixley I'm going to read it right now dear. It's the perfect time for me

@Pixley i’m reading it before bed and u can’t stop me !

@Pixley I would simply not join a website called Instakiller.

Also I think the Friends set is completed by Chad and Raquel. They were only allowed two without alterations

@robotcarsley goddamnit I didn't even notice that Chad is Chandler and Raquel is Rachel, motherfucker, this terrible movie

INSTAKILLER spoilers, hot take 

INSTAKILLER spoilers, hot take 

INSTAKILLER spoilers, hot take 

@Pixley Coming up next: Kris and Anthony Waveland discover who is stalking their child, popular athlete Green Ivy. They are helped by teammates Peter Paul and Larry.

@Pixley i loves this and was laughing so hard i had to explain ur newsletter to my partner who’s review of the concept was “excellent”

also i don’t have golf clubs and the fedora guy looked nothing like i expected when i got to the pic of him lol

@shade thank you!! And the fedora guy is kinda cute! I described him as "like Jesse Camp" but I understand that this is an extremely 1998 reference

@Pixley haha i didn’t google the name til just now and ur very right. idk i just expected him to look like a shadowy and creepy writer but i guess that would be too obvious (or not?)

@shade honestly it should've been obvious that he wasn't the stalker, that guy didn't have a fedora over his hood and sunglasses

@shade kinda mad I didn't think of this joke for the newsletter, but that's okay, it's just for you

@Pixley @ponfarr every time you wrote derek and Layla in the newsletter I heard a way overloud DUNNANUNNADUNNADUH 🎸 in my head

@alex @ponfarr I am sincerely sorry but I am a reporter of facts

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