Okay I like the dog show but also we can all agree that dog breeding and the concept of purebred dogs in general is like, super fucked up, right

@Aleums something about an elderly white man in a tuxedo saying, "I tip my hat to the breeders" just creeped me right the hell out

@Pixley do u like the dog show cos u like to see em run adn jump

@Pixley lil bread butts
I did have a rescue collie as a kid and that dog ruled taught himself to drag things away from me when I seized 😭 he just started doing it one day.

I honestly think the only legit case for purebreds or breeding at all is for service dogs and even that is eh

@Cyborgneticz the head of the Westminster Kennel Club was on the tv earlier talking about service dogs but also his name was like Rich Dipshit III

@Pixley the fact that you can just adopt a mutt off the street and it's likely to be healthier and longer-lived than just about any "purebred" is A Problem

@Pixley One of my deepest held beliefs that I would fight for to the end is that dog breeds are humanity's greatest sin against, like, the entire universe (I mean, ditto other animal breeds, but dogs definitely got the worse of it, feels like), also that the people obsessed with dog breeds are the biggest creeps in the world tbh

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