Of all the interests and hobbies I've ever explored, none has been as opaque and hard to get into as baseball

@caymanwent yeah I grew up with it and I can't really imagine trying to get into it as an adult

@Pixley I love watching baseball and find it to be a fascinating sport, but it seems to be a "true" fan you need to know every single player in the league and their stats, as well as which managers to hate, which trades are rumored, and like ten zillion random stats. It's a far nerdier hobby than anything involving computers or video games.


@caymanwent okay but the secret is: who gives a shit if some nerd thinks you're "a real fan" (this stance may be influenced by my always having been a girl who likes baseball, a GIRL, I mean, get real)

@Pixley I mean it's not so much active gatekeeping as the nature of fandom being all about knowing players and stats. Like with all that's going on right now between spring training about to hit and the Astros scandal, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be excited about. Even with my own team, everyone hates the manager but I can't get a clear explanation as to why. I just wanna watch man throw ball and other man hit ball goddamn it

@caymanwent I mean, it is perfectly valid to me, a person who watches around 300 games a year, to enjoy watching man throw ball man hit ball, and let the stuff about xWOBA wash over you. Who cares! Remind me who your team is though, I like baseball gossip and I'll figure it out for you

@Pixley the Rockies. All I can garner is that everyone wants Bridich fired because he was insinuating that he wanted to trade Arenado or something? Also teams don't do spring training at their home fields? What?!

@caymanwent ah! Well! The Rockies are a mess right now because they signed Nolan Arenado, a generational talent, to a gigantic contract extension, which he wouldn't have signed if he didn't think they were serious about winning. And they have done literally, literally nothing this offseason, other than mutter about trading Nolan for some "prospects" to "rebuild" or fuckin whatever, because winning doesn't matter to management, they make money either way!

@Pixley I've kind of gathered that, Arenado is our MVP, but we have a lot of other good players on our team too. I guess I just don't really understand what makes a team "good." We've got an all-star slugger, one of the best outfielders in the league, and a talented pitcher, why are the Rox seen as one of the worst teams in the league? Just management? Bad draft picks/trades?

@caymanwent so it's frustrating because Arenado and Story and Blackmon are so good, but it is very difficult to be A Good Team without pitching, and even by the standards of the Rockies, the pitching is, generally, bad. They've gotten unlucky developing their own pitchers the last several years, and established pitchers don't want to go pitch in Denver, which is Dinger City. And yeah, their draft picks haven't been working out, their minor league system is very not good right now.

@Pixley I think I need to learn more about how minor leagues and farm leagues work. I guess drafts don't come from college teams like the nba/nfl?

I've been considering joining allpro I just don't know if it'd be a comfortable place for me considering I care about Exactly One Thing

@caymanwent some draft picks are from college! You can also draft high schoolers, or sign kids from Venezuela or wherever (and I do mean "kids", some of them sign contracts when they're like 15). I would actually recommend getting the Baseball Prospectus every year, it's got a lot of nerd shit in it but also jokes, and an essay for each team explaining what their Deal Is.

Also, it's fine, my allpro posting is like 95% baseball, 3% hockey, 2% curling, 1% figure skating, no worries

@Pixley okay I'll submit an app and look into the prospectus. Thanks for giving me a little more insight though!

@caymanwent you're welcome, I really really love talking about this so literally @ me whenever!!

@caymanwent @Pixley they let me have an allpro account and my thing isn't even really strictly a sport

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