How does everyone know so much about everything

@Pixley funny you say that i went to trivia night last night and i almost felt ashamed about how much was kicking around back in there

@amphetamine @Pixley my problem at pub quizzes is that i know a lot about a very few specific things and absolutely nothing about anything else lmao

@seafrog @amphetamine @Pixley this is why you form a team. you get a crossword doer, the music binch, the computers person, the history geek, the contortionist safecracker,

@triz @amphetamine @Pixley im the biology binch and my partner is the space lad and thats the breadth of our use right there honestly

@triz @amphetamine @Pixley oh wait no he's also good at music and history. ok im shit at pub quizzes lmao

@seafrog @amphetamine @Pixley well you're position players, get with some generalists and you're golden

@triz @amphetamine @Pixley honestly u just need an old person, they have so much random shit in their brains!!!! like no wonder ur tired deborah put down the encyclopedia jeez

@seafrog @amphetamine I know a little bit about a lot and a lot about nothing, so I'm good at pub trivia

@seafrog @amphetamine you really don't, I'm not fun or cool enough to get people to come with me more than like once a year

@Louisa Louisa this is an absolute lie, how dare you

@Pixley I turned a Tennyson poem into a Smashmouth song just now! I might as well be Larry the Cable Guy

@Louisa if I did that it would be the best joke I'd made all year

@Pixley i don't think that i don't know any things but i do feel like other people definitely know more things than me

@Pixley folks gotta clean out that mind clutter. Marie Kando that shit.

@Laser all I have in my brain is Simpsons quotes, nobody cares about those

@Laser check this out: gemelli is just casarecce for sapiosexuals

@Pixley how does anyone know anything about anything

@Pixley karen i assure you that i am deeply ignorant of everything. an iggy pop song came on the radio the other day and i said "hmm, this is good, is this modest mouse"

@triz @Pixley @madcat co-signed, unlocking my phone to post this was a challenge.

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