I'm watching a television show in which the main character has a sink and a washer and dryer in his bedroom and is this how truly rich people live???? Is it, oh my god

@Pixley love to fall asleep to the sweet sound of my dryer

@and I actually would love that, I think????

@Pixley i think for me it would depend on how many metal buttons and zippers and banging around in there

@and yeah like a load of towels or socks and underpants would be okay I think

@Pixley if it is a rich person thing i would run a load of my 30 scarves and a cape

@Pixley @and plus you can roll out of bed in the morning and have warm pjs within arm's reach

@ItsJenNotGabby okay so I forgot that his bedroom was actually in the garage, but my point stands

@Pixley rich people stay far away from laundry, in my experience

@alex but the maid could do it, right in your bedroom

@Pixley but then you’d have to see her, is the thing

@hope but you'd never have to schlep your laundry around, and your room would smell like clean linen!!

@Pixley is there a toaster oven and a mini fridge in there too? maybe a hot plate? cause thats just a studio apartment.

@sydney okay it turns out it was a garage, but the garage of an EXTREMELY fancy house

@sydney yeah like it was fitted out as spare living space? Garage apartment

@Pixley if your house is so fancy why do you need to hang out and live in your garage?I just have a LOT of questions about this.

@sydney he was an adult staying with his formerly estranged dad for a long visit and wanted to be able to bring boys home, I think is the situation, like, it was like a detached living space????

@Pixley Nothing says romance at your formerly estranged dad's house like a garage bedroom.

@sydney what if I told you the dad dies in the pilot

@Pixley wait, is the house also a jet? does this all take place in the sky?

@Pixley @alex okay so now I'm googling if there are planes that have washing machines on then and one of the people also ask questions is "Is it okay to wear shorts on a plane?"

@Pixley @alex not on planes, but they do make ones that planes go in

@Pixley @alex oh you were asking about the shorts. I think I should probably go to bed now.

@Pixley @alex (the video titles were misleading they do not make washing machines for planes its just a bunch of dudes with power washers I am disappointed)

@Pixley @alex also, anything can happen in tv. literally anything. it's all made up.

@sydney it takes place on the ground! I think they are in California!

@Pixley is the house so big you have to take a nap going from the car in the garage to the inside of the house?

@Pixley literally the one good thing I like about my house is that it came with second story washer and dryer and it's maybe the greatest thing ever

@Pixley Like the i said, the one nice feature but it's a fucking nice feature.

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