I can't believe the open rate on my newsletter isn't 100%, imagine getting my beautiful, perfect gem of a newsletter and not opening it immediately

I said this was the year of being a brat on main and I meant it, subscribe to the newsletter and open the newsletter and tell me I'm good or I will scream

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@Pixley i opened it but haven't yet read it in its entirety because this week has been 400 flaming trash cans

@grant that's why you need to read it, it will bring you joy, also I'm sorry about your week

@Pixley that is a solid point, i will endeavor to read it when i get home tonight

and thank you! i have done ~12hr shifts every day this week because Servers Are Assholes Sometimes but i am going to take some comp time next week to balance it out

@grant ooooof 12 hours is a long long time, I hope next week is a lovely refresher for you

@Pixley next you're gonna complain about losing followers

@_ I do complain about losing followers, I think

@deneb thank you for this very unprompted compliment!!


Sometimes it takes me a day or two, but I promise I will eventually read them.
(Is there a new one already?)

@Quixote171 no, I just checked the numbers on the Instakiller one for the first time


I don't know if I could handle seeing those numbers. It would drive me crazy.

a confession 

@Pixley i forgot to confirm my email with tinyletter and now it's not letting me do anything about it

@gattogateaux in retrospect, Tinyletter is a bad service and I should have used something else

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