This list is an excellent encapsulation of why it is totally fucked to describe "emo" as a real kind of music that exists

@Pixley I think @healyn described some Devin Townsend song as emo so I totally agree

@Pixley these seem like pop punk? When I was an emo we all listened to screamo lol

@wintgenstein I mean, "emo" as a genre has always been totally nonsensical, so I'm sympathetic, but it's.... a strange endeavor

@Pixley I read that entire article and I still don’t understand how emo went from being emotional punk to doing the poppy goth thing



@platypus I would vigorously disagree but the thing is: we're both right and we're both wrong and no one knows

@Pixley I just have these memories which involve me wearing overalls and NOT looking my best goth self (I was not emo) and trying to get along with some people I'd describe as "emo kids" who later became hipsters

@platypus 2001 was the year I transitioned from goth to emo, so this tracks

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